Saturday, November 27, 2010


the plan :

31st December 2010-1st Jan 2011
Check in on 31st *Friday
RV @ Hakinamoto Garage @ Batu Caves after friday prayer

any info/changes will update em here.

call 0122955370
Open for all motocross/motard/trail bike ON THE ROAD.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Broken Collar Bone ride

Zeta XC Handguards that saved my fingers

My CRF450 exhaust new style of piping??haha..just a minor thing.DRC Edge2 tail light that lost it's plate

Zeta Skidplate that saved my radiator hose..

yes.i broke my collar bone.
last sunday
ride to k.k

many pics can be found in hakinamoto facebook.
but here,only pics of my damaged bike. (it went into a drain at k.k)

Friday, May 28, 2010


more pictures coming soon.
THOUSAND CREDITS TO KID for great pictures!

Destination : Masjid @ Awana,Genting Highland (for friday prayer)
Date : Friday 28th May 2010 (Public Holiday-wesak)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


we started at 2.40pm.due to some of us working today.half day.

the most enjoyable ride of all.eventhough its really hot..thanks to the trees,we ride comfortably.

90% on the road
10% offroad

4 dtracker
1 bkz
1 klx150

all supermoto

jatuh offroad.haha.rilek shidee...

coming soon with more photos and a little videos too.

more photossss.....

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Date : 2 May 2010
Participants : 4 Dtracker
2 Bkz
1 KLX150
Route : Ulu Yam-Batang Kali-Genting-Batang Kali-Ulu Yam

730am-Meetup at Restoran Bintang Tujuh (behind hakinamotox),fueled up,breakfast,short briefing,doa..

reached here by 10am.

reached at the top of the,so many big bikes over there,but heck,to Genting Highlands,many short corners.for sure supermoto can passed em at the corner.heh.

a few shot downhill.
before that,we hanged out at coffee bean genting (sorry,no photos.too busy watching many KTM's and SBK)

totally enjoyed the rides.Everyone went back home in one piece.No accidents,alhamdulillah.All bikes performed well.

Reached home at 12.30pm.
Why early?

So that you can go bring your family for a shopping or jalan2...TB?SB?ahahaha...

more pictures from adam's camera

From SHIDI's camera